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Do you need to make a regular transfer of currency, See a list of foreign exchange providers that offer the facility to make regular international foreign exchange transfers where you have the option to secure the best foreign exchange rates.

Choose the Most Convenient Way to Send Money Abroad

If you have made a major purchase or finalised a business deal in a different country, you do need to send money abroad. Besides business deals some people also send money overseas to pay for a child’s education or simply to support family members living abroad.

Till early 1990s it was complex and a time consuming process to send money internationally but now that Internet controls a major part of work in banks and business organisations, it has become really simple to send money overseas and the money transfer is also quick. If you live in the UK and want to send money to someone in Australia, US, India, UAE, Oman, Sri Lanka, France Spain or any other country, this can be conveniently done online. Money can be sent to individuals as also organisations.

Anyone with a bank account in the UK can send money overseas through bank wire transfers and through direct transfer of funds from one account to another in same bank. If you (or the person who needs to receive the money) do not have a bank account, you can still send money internationally through money orders. To send a money order you simply need to pay the requisite amount at an office for postal service in UK – Royal Mail and fill in the name and address for the intended recipient in money order form. Now money orders are also sent online and you can thus send a money order through Royal Mail in UK in 60 seconds. You can make payment for purchases, business deals and also send money to family and friends through this mode.

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Please Be Aware
some banks use an intermediary bank to process transfers on their behalf. These banks may make an administration charge.
All receiving banks make an administration charge for receiving transfers. We are unable to advise on these charges as they vary from bank to bank and country to country. It can also depend on the arrangement the recipient has with the bank. These are not the companies listed in the comparison chart charges and they are unable to accept responsibility for any amount deducted. Please check with the recipient, especially if the amount to be placed is critical, e.g. payment of bills, property.

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