Historical Foreign Exchange Timeline

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The UK and European Foreign Exchange Timeline

What is the Foreign Exchange Historical Timeline?  The foreign exchange market (fx or forex) as we know it today originated in 1944.

1944 – So, Establishment of Bretton Woods Accord to help stabilise the global economy after World War II.

1971- Smithsonian Agreement established to allow for greater fluctuation band for the currencies

1972 – European Joint Float established the European community tried to move away from its dependency on the U.S. dollar

1973- In addition, Failure of Smithsonian Agreement and European Joint Float signifying the official switch to a free-floating system

1978 – Hence, The European Monetary System introduced to give other countries access to gain independence from the U.S. dollar

1978- Free-floating system officially mandated by the IMF

1993- Failure of the European Monetary System giving way to the world-wide free-floating system

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Foreign Exchange Historical Timeline

USA Foreign Exchange Timeline

1790 –  The US government issued over $80 million in federal bonds to repay for the Revolutionary War debt. So, This effectively marked the birth of the U.S. investment markets. In addition, Two years later, 24 stockbrokers sign the Buttonwood Agreement.  So, eventually move to the Tontine Coffee House to trade. Where other brokers continue trading in the street.

1830′ s Hence as traders doing business in the street called curbstone brokers.  Typically, the curbstone brokers specialize in the stocks of small, newly created enterprises, such as turnpikes, canals and railroads.

1921 Also, The New York Curb Market moves indoors to a new building on Greenwich Street in lower Manhattan. So, New trading posts topped by a globe that resembles the lampposts left behind on the street.

The 1890s  – The curb market moves to Broad Street near Exchange Place. Also, in 1944 The New York Curb Market created, with a constitution that sets higher brokerage and listing standards.

The 1840s –  During the California Gold Rush, curbstone brokers make markets for mining companies. Therefore, facilitating the development of a new and rapidly growing industry. 1859 Petroleum discovered in western Pennsylvania and oil stocks soon traded on the curb market.

1864 Open Board of Stock Brokers opens, founded in part by former curbstone brokers. Also, It merges with the New York Stock Exchange in 1869.

In the 1850s  – Also, The curbstone brokers locate a market at the corner of Wall and Hanover streets; later at William and Beaver streets. AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE Historical Timeline 1865 Following the Civil War, stocks in small industrial companies, such as iron and steel, textiles and chemicals, are first sold

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