German vote on legality of sovereign bail-outs

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Both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, declared their intention to stand by Greece in an attempt to keep the single currency intact.

The Euro opens a tad weaker from Fridays close as it fails to make further gains after little news. To date, there has been no action by Euro leaders and ECB officials thus the rally seen last week for the Euro has come to a halt. More volatility is expected in the first two weeks of September as mentioned last week (the Troika of EC/ECB/IMF returns to Greece, 12th Sept German vote on legality of sovereign bail-outs, 14th Sept sees Euro group meeting).

Sterling also a little weaker versus the USD but unchanged against the Euro.

Main Currency Pairs * Yesterday Today
GBP/EUR 0.0000 1.25880
GBP/USD 0.0000 1.57780
GBP/CAD 0.0000 1.56150
GBP/NZD 0.0000 1.95360
GBP/AUD 0.0000 1.52060
GBP/AED 0.0000 5.79310
EUR/USD 0.0000 1.25290
GBP/CHF 0.0000 1.51560
GBP/ZAR 0.0000 13.2694
GBP/SEK 0.0000 10.3979
GBP/JPY 0.0000 124.565
GBP/PLN 0.0000 5.14610
GBP/SGD 0.0000 1.97780
EUR/PLN 0.0000 4.07800
EUR/CHF 0.0000 1.20100
GBP/MAD 0.0000 13.9232
PLN/EUR 0.0000 0.24520
GBP/CZK 0.0000 31.3525
GBP/DKK 0.0000 9.39920
GBP/HKD 0.0000 12.2639
GBP/HUF 0.0000 350.373
GBP/NOK 0.0000 9.20570
GBP/INR 0.0000 88.0445
GBP/THB 0.0000 49.4119

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