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When people who live in the United Kingdom are traveling to a country that has the Euro as a currency, one of the tools that can be very handy to have is a currency calculator sterling to euro. One of the tricky things about foreign currencies is that the value of the currency relative to other world currencies can be very different from trip to trip. This is especially true if the last trip was more than several years ago.

A lot of things will affect the value of the Euro relative to the Sterling. Today, a major factor is the problem with sovereign debt. In the Euro zone, the debt of Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain are suspect. Many feel that these countries will not be able to repay their loans. The value of the currency will go down if there is a sovereign debt crisis. This is such a serious consequence that these countries will generally pay for the interest on sovereign debt before paying anybody else including government workers and retirees on a government pension. However, there is talk about certain countries not honoring the debt after government elections. This is the case in Greece. That is why the Euro may go down, which means each Pound will buy more Euros. The best way to find out the current value is to go to an online currency calculator sterling to euro.

Governments all over the world don’t want currencies to go out of control and rise or fall in value quickly. They will often intervene in order to slow down the rise or fall of a currency. For example, if the Euro is falling quickly due to a crisis, the major governments all over the world are likely to intervene by buying Euros and selling off other currencies such as the Dollar, the Sterling, and the Yen. When this occurs, it is especially important to use a currency calculator sterling to euro so that the traveler knows how much something is going to cost in Euros. Otherwise, the tourist or businessman may be very surprised when he sees his bill.

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