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If you are looking to buy currency for when you go on your next holiday, consider buying your travel currency online and get a better currency rate, choose from our list of the best travel currency providers, compare and review before you buy.

Also Try Escape Travel Money Cards

Which company is supplying me with this service?

Escape Pay As You Go debit card is provided by Phones 4 U

Is my prepaid debit card like a credit card or bank debit card?

Your Phones 4 U Pay As You Go Debit Card is not a credit card or charge card but it works like a debit card. It is a Prepaid MasterCard that carries a variable amount of money dependent on how much has been loaded on to it. Each time you use the card to purchase something or withdraw cash at an ATM, the purchase amount is deducted from the available balance.

Is there an agreement to get a prepaid debit card?

No. Each Phones 4 U Pay As You Go debit Card is sent to you in a card carrier that fully explains the terms and conditions regarding the use of the card. You accept the terms and conditions by either signing the back of the card or using the card. The terms and conditions can also be accessed from the escape card website.

When do i get my prepaid debit card?
Unless Phones 4 U debit Card notify you otherwise, Freedom will issue your card within 7-10 working days of receiving your order.

What do i need to do to get a prepaid card?

You must sign your Phones 4 U Pay As You Go Card as soon as it is received. You must then activate it before you can access your account. You can activate your card online. You will need your activation code, which will have been sent to you by email shortly after you ordered your money card.

Prepaid Debit Cards Save You Money

Phones 4 U Pay As You Go debit Card are a revolutionary step forward in how consumers spend money everyday whether for travel, business or even via the internet.

The Phones 4 U Pay As You Go debit Card is a prepaid MasterCard that works like a debit card. All you do preload your money as and when you require onto the card.

The Phones 4 U Card has no monthly payment fees, no transaction charges and no top up charges.

2 – Free to make purchases with no maximum credit limit like O2.

3 – Free cashback rewards including mobile top ups.

Phones 4 U Card Fees & Charges

Application fee – £9.99

Monthly cost – Free

Transaction charge £0.00

ATM card fees – UK £0.99 – International £2.00

Top up card fees – All top up options are Free

Benefits – Ideal to use to pay on the internet, everyday use and book Ryanair flights for free when using a Prepaid MasterCard.

Type of prepaid card – The Phones 4 U card is a pay as you go payment card, MasterCard branded. This is a prepayment card where you preload your money on to the prepaid MasterCard first.

Debit Card Prepaid Advantages

100% approval guaranteed
No bank account required
Wages can be paid directly onto your card
Send money home instantly & for free
No credit checks
Accepted worldwide in-store & online
Never go overdrawn
Apply Now
What can I do if I am not happy with the service?
Phones 4 U debit Card strives to offer a premier service and hope that you never have reason to be unhappy. However, Phones 4 U card do welcome all feedback as it enables us to constantly improve our service.

Feedback should be directed to the following address:
Customer Service Director – Phones 4 U card
All feedback will be acknowledged within 3 days of receipt and resolved within 7 days.

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