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Need to send money instantly to family or friends, see current providers who can offer you an alternative to using your bank

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Online Facilities To Send Money Overseas instantly

The Internet has indeed transformed business and communication. It has also made it easier to buy and sell products. Banks too provide web based services and make it easier for their customers to withdraw and transfer funds. So if you live in the UK and need to send money overseas instantly, there are multiple facilities including bank wire transfers, online money orders and instant transfer of funds between two accounts in same bank. Though not a very well understood way, it is also possible to send money via email!

You can send money via email just like an E cheque. It is of course not the money that is transferred by an electronic mail – only the instructions to retrieve funds are sent online. When you send money via email, you have to open your net banking session and name your beneficiary, the amount to be sent, as also a security question and answer. The funds are then debited instantly from your bank account. The service also involves a surcharge. An email or text message via phone is then sent to your beneficiary. This has the instructions to retrieve the funds sent by you via a protected website. If however the individual or organisation that needs to get the money is subscribed to online banking at one of the participating institutions, the funds will be deposited instantly without any extra charges. While sending money online through emails, unlike a cheque, the funds are not frozen in the recipient’s account. Also, an e-Transfer does not bounce, as the funds are always guaranteed – they are first debited from your account when you initiate the transfer and then retrieved by the beneficiary. If you and the intended beneficiary have accounts in same bank or in participating institutions, the funds are sent and received instantly. If the person or organisation receiving money does not have an account in participating institutions or is not subscribed to online banking at all, the funds take 3 to 5 working days to get deposited.

Know instant transfers services to send money across border


The cross country migration rate is increasing day by day. People can freely move and settle in foreign lands without any hassles. Particularly, people from Asian nations make their way to western countries, especially for better career prospects. There are times when people feel the necessity of sending money to support their family or to purchase any property. If you are one of them who live in the United Kingdom and are eager to send money instantly to India to buy property, there are several options available to you.


One of the easiest ways available to you in the present scenario is online transfer, thanks the internet! It has made things pretty easier and simpler. Instant transfers are even simpler. At times, you may need instant money transfer to help your friend to get over a financial crisis. Net banking services make it possible to transfer money to the intended recipient’s account.


However, for safe and secure money transfer, you can get hold of Money Gram services. A Money Gram service does not compel you to go through any lengthy process. You just need to fill the ‘money transfer’ form and submit the same to the Money Gram agent. Make sure the form is error free and you have mentioned all the details. There are plenty of advantages of selecting Money Gram services. A Money Gram service can be very effective instant money transfers. Another benefit is that there is no chance of any scam in this service. If the account number or name is anonymous, they will not entertain it and forbid any further process.

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