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All That You Should Know About GCEN Or Global Currency Exchange Network

Global Currency Exchange Network or GCEN is known to be one of the leading foreign exchange companies of UK. Its main office is located in London and the two satellite offices in Portugal and Spain. The company has been in the market for over 20 years now. It is known to be one of the most renowned institutions catering to the individualized requirements of the clients. The organization does everything for maximizing client’s potentials even though they are transacting a small amount. There are a number of specialized services offered to help the clients get the best rates of exchange and these are stated below:

  • Spot Contract is offered when an individual purchases a currency at the existing currency rate and there after makes payment within a span of 2 working days. It is for deposit payments that this kind of transaction is used. This kind of deal is also available in cases of full payment if funds for the transaction are available.
  • Forward Currency Contracts are applicable once the exchange rate is fixed for a period of up to 2 years. The final payment for the residence abroad, for example can be equal to £100,000. The rate must be sealed with small amounts of deposit and payments for the bulk of the transaction are to be made after completion of the contract. The private clients for guaranteeing the rates of exchange are required to pay about 10% of the price right away. The balance needs to be paid after the contract matures.
  • Time-Option Forward Contracts offer are lot more flexible options. Property developer for example may fix February 2010 as the date of completion, however he fails to keep his promise and the construction requires a lot more time. The dealer in this case may suggest that the client fix a date or the forward contract of the month of May 2010. Client is thus free to resolve the contract even before the maturity date reaches without paying any extra penalty charges.  
  • Limit Order enables the client to set his own preferred exchange rate. Global Currency Exchange Network monitors to see if the rate fixed is achievable or not. The currency will be purchased on behalf of the customers. The contracts which are based on substantial value are particularly benefited by this.

Thus if you wish to avail of any of the above services offered by Global Currency Exchange Network or GCEN, you can log into their official website and gather detailed information.

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