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XE was established in Canada in 1993, offering computer advising and Internet services for corporate clients. Through their consulting services XE speedily recognized the requirement for interactive financial services on the web. As a result, in 1995, XE introduced a service called the Universal Currency Converter ® – inventing one of the web’s very first dynamic sites.

They additionally improved our advanced rate outlay to factor in multiple sources and automatically detect errors. This allows XE produce an extremely dependable data feed that is way ahead in accuracy than any of their individual feeds. By the new millennium XE had become a bona fide currency gateway.

XE Trade enables business and individuals to send, receive and track international payments and buy and sell foreign currency.

XE continues striving to supply you with new and better currency services, improving the look of their website, and enhancing the most helpful and friendly services possible

The benefits of using XE Trade are :-.

  • XE Trade works with billions of dollars for numerous numbers of clients.
  • XE licenses 35,000+ versions of the Universal Currency Converters®.
  • We supply commercial currency data to 300+ clients.
  • Our site caters 225+ million page views per month to 10+ million unique users per month.
  • We are privately owned by our original two founders.

Everyone can use XE Trade. As the world’s most famous currency site, XE gets some large amount traffic. People use XE all over the world for their business, shopping, travel, and all around currency needs.

Every year, XE supports four principal charities. In addition, every employee gets to pick a charity to which we donate $1000. These are just a few of the many organizations that we support:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Rose of Sharon
  • The Stephen Lewis Foundation

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