Swiss Finance Corporation

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Swiss Finance Corporation (SFC) is a sovereign brokerage firm established in 1988. The company acts as a market maker in “interbank” foreign exchange and precious metals, and as a broker in futures.

From our head office in Central London, we have built an global reputation, with councils placed in prime locations all over the world.

SFC is a professional principal and price-maker in foreign exchange markets. As a self-governing trading firm SFC operates without conventional constrictions and shifts quick to cater to our consumers’ wants. Our veteran and wise team draw on their fiscal skill and deliver specialist foreign exchange trading to our customers.

Virtually all of SFC business is in foreign exchange trading.

Our intention is to utilize fluctuations in the market and switch each market prospect into a endearing, money-spinning principle for all our patrons.

The foreign exchange market moves in flows. The excellence of our foreign exchange specialists guarantee our regulars obtain the best information at all times.

We guarantee this at SFC in the following ways

  • Our spot desk team is well known in the interbank market. They all have personal associates in the market plus their individual years of practice.
  • There is no business desk customs at SFC. Clients get straight contact to precise rates, liquidity and information from the interbank desk.
  • At SFC, we convey 24-hour trading. There is no “pass over” strategy to setback your trade. All our dealers recognize what is going on in the market and will implement a trade in the presence of the client.

Additionally, for the reason that our clientele contract unswervingly with our centre, they profit from 24-hour consideration of their requirements. Day or night, the quality of service you get is consistently elevated. We distribute a hasty and supple reply – so necessary in the fast-moving foreign exchange market.

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