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We are devoted to currency. Since we began in 2000, we have only been currency brokers. Unlike high street banks, we are not engaged in any other pecuniary areas. We are a UK-based plc and our revenue of around £500m makes us one of the UK’s foremost sovereign currency brokers.

A prime reason of our accomplishment is our outstanding support service, which guarantees that all dealings are smooth and cost-effective. This, along with our market-leading rates, facilitates businesses to compete more competitively in the international marketplace and helps private customers to transfer money in a qualified manner.

As a customer of Foreign Currency Direct you will save a large amount of money through our market-leading commercial exchange rates. In addition, you will have right to use to our unmatched knowledge in this highly specialized field, to help guarantee that your dealings are timed and planned to excellence.

We initiated IPD ® (Irrevocable Payment Document), the globally recognized testimony of payment. Moreover, the safety of your money is always certain, because payments are kept in transaction accounts with Lloyds TSB Bank plc.

Each customer of Foreign Currency Direct has a private account manager, who is an skilled specialist currency broker. They will take the time to comprehend your circumstances and requirements, and will be your steady point of contact, answering any questions and guiding you expertly through every transfer.

We always use commercial exchange rates, which can be as much as 4% better than the rates offered by high street banks, depending on the transaction. Although 4% may not sound much, it would save you a lot of money on a large currency transfer. As well as getting market-leading rates, you will save by not paying commission or hidden fees. Our profit comes from the margin between buying and selling prices.

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