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VoltrexFX is one of the leading transfer and foreign exchange currency broker in the world. It aims at transferring money efficiently and safely, be it for business transactions or private transactions. It is located in UK. VoltrexFX also takes care of currency conversions for individual as well as corporate needs. VoltrexFX is reliable and provides excellent service with the one of the best exchange rates in the market.

If the client requires to send or receive any foreign currency, then VoltrexFX provides them with better rates than any major banks and with an additional efficient and professional service. Every client is allotted a dedicated and experienced broker, who helps them in their business, monetary transactions and guides them to save their hard earned.

The advantages of working with VoltrexFX are

  • There is no charge for opening an account online and no obligation to trade
  • Free transfers and no commission charges for amounts over £2,500
  • Clients can purchase and transfer their funds through VoltraFX’s online system
  • Transfer confirmations are emailed directly to clients
  • Highly competitive exchange rates
  • Ability to guarantee no receiving fees
  • Located in the heart of the City of London financial district.
  • Voltrex is Registered under the Data Protection Act

For corporate clients, VoltraFX helps in keeping them updated about market movement, making online transactions at best exchange rates. Private clients are benefitted during emigration or simple money transfers, with well facilitated online service.

VoltraFX earns maximum amount in the exchange rate spread, i.e, the difference between the buying and selling rates. The uniqueness is that VoltraFX charges a lesser margin and profit than other brokers and banks. VoltraFX also discards all the extra charges, commissions and fees. VoltraFX however, does not have any major overheads like banks or other financial institutions.

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