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The Thomson Travel Money Prepaid Card is an easy and accessible way to spend while on a holiday in abroad. While in abroad, carrying too much cash is always a risk and using credit or debit cards can be unreasonably costly. Hence Thomson Travel Money Prepaid is a recommended travel card. Thomson Travel Card does not charge any commission or purchase fee when the Thomson Travel Card is being bought or is being re-loaded. The rate of exchange is also fixed by the company when the card is being bought. Hence the traveler does not need to worry about the constant changes in the exchange rates and the credit or debit card charges once the traveler returns home.

The Thomson Travel Money Prepaid Card can be preloaded with the amount that the traveler thinks is required throughout the tour. The Thomson Travel Card is not linked to any bank account and hence the funds of the cardholder are absolutely safe and secure. In case of the card getting lost, that too should not be a matter of concern for the traveler as Thomson Travel immediately send funds via their Western Union money transfer service. All that one needs to do is to pre-load the Thomson Travel Card with adequate travel funds and spend enjoyably. Millions of ATMs worldwide with the MasterCard logo and several other retailers provide facilities where travelers can use their TMC card.

TMC have an all new incredible online ordering service where the whole ordering process has been simplified for the benefit of the customers. Once the step by step instructions are followed, the client will get a personalized Travel Money Prepaid Card, loaded with the required amount and will be sent to the client by post. An alternative is also provided in the form of customers going in any Thomson store and applying for a card.

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