The Meaning Of Foreign Exchange

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All countries in the world have their own national currency. The dollar is functional in US, the pound in UK, Yen in Japan and so on. These currencies are essential as they are the modes of payments for goods and services within the limits of the nation. Globalization has exposed every country to another and travelling internationally has increased. Moreover nations as well as people are involved in international trade. Hence foreign currency has become necessary for payment of goods and services among different countries.

There is an increasing need for some machinery which will provide access to foreign currencies and sellers will be accepting that as a mode of payment. This is where the need of a foreign exchange or forex market arises. Foreign Exchange is very necessary for trade among different nations. While cross border trading, an individual needs to acquire foreign exchange in order to exchange his local currency with the currency of the nation he’ll be trading with.

It is commonly known that whenever foreign exchange is being talked about it is usually referred to international or abroad travel. When on holidays, currency can be exchanged in order to manage minor expenses such as restaurant bills, taxi fares and shopping bills. But Foreign Exchange is not much concerned about the small amount of exchange which is done during tourist travel. It deals with the major amount of money exchanged between nations, like billions of dollars spent on buying a company based in US, the buyer being based in some other country.

Foreign Exchange is not restricted to the usage of cash as a mode of transaction but also credit cards, traveler’s checks, Foreign Exchange is any negotiable instrument denominated in a currency, apart from US dollar. It is more about huge transactions between two nations.

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