My Travel Cash: A Traveler’s Choice

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My Travel Cash is a foreign exchange cash card which is recommended to be used by travelers whenever traveling abroad. When traveling abroad, it is preferable that travelers do not carry much cash with them as they might get into all sorts of trouble. Moreover a foreign nation and its surroundings are alien to them and hence carrying too much cash can be problematic. But while in abroad, travelers do need to pay for certain expenses. Hence it is recommended that they use My Travel Cash Card, which is highly beneficial and offers a number of services.

My Travel Cash allows the cardholder to exchange Pounds to US Dollars online, without any hassles or troubles. When in abroad, the cardholder can withdraw cash using a MasterCard prepaid card, thus making it easy for the traveler to use it. The internet exchange rates provide discounts to My Travel Cash cardholder, which means that the cardholder can save 38 dollars for every 500 dollars change. My Travel Cash is a unique card designed in such a way that it is a cheap and reasonable alternative to a normal credit or debit card. Moreover as an added benefit, My Travel Cash has no credit application for the cardholder. My Travel Cash also offers Chip and PIN protection services, guaranteeing the safety of the cardholder’s funds. It also has a Lost and Stolen Service and does not allow the card’s funds to be spent if it is stolen. The card will be delivered to the applicant within one or two working days after the approval of the application.

The online order takes less than 5 minutes to be finalized. The minimum opening balance required is 10 dollars. No commissions are charged by the company and there are no hidden charges, making it a customer favorite.

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