Ice Travellers Card: A Convenient Foreign Exchange

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Often it is recommended for travelers that they do not carry much cash with them as they are travelling abroad, there is always a risk of loss of cash or cheques, causing tremendous inconvenience to the travelers. ICE Travelers cash card is a travel money currency card which is a solution to all abroad related financial problems.

The Cash card is available in Pounds, Dollars and Euros. It is easier to carry than cash and is a much smarter option. It is also a better option than traveler’s cheques and also comes with added benefits. Moreover there are no hefty charges, which make this a much better option than carrying cash around. Hence there is no need to carry lots of cash while travelling and no need to carry the passport everywhere for cashing travelers’ cheques.

All ICE Travelers cards are embodied with a unique card number which separates it from other similar cash cards. The cards are also personalized with the cardholder’s name, and so are the PIN and chip. This guarantees the protection of the cardholder’s funds as well as all other security concerns. The card can be used at ATMs which display the MasterCard acceptance sign. ICE Traveler’s Card is hugely beneficial because of its worldwide acceptance, PIN protection and other services. ICE Traveler’s Card is accepted at over 25 million ATMs, shops and restaurants over 120 countries worldwide, wherever the MasterCard sign is in display. If unfortunately the PIN is stolen, no one can access the cardholder’s funds till the stolen or lost card is replaced. The Traveler’s Card can be loaded anytime with cash and used. One needs to be a resident of UK and above the age of 18 in order to apply for an ICE Traveler’s Card.

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