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HiFX is a privately owned company found in 1998. Besides advising and executing foreign exchange, HiFX people buy and sell currencies each year and arrange funds so as to place orders or behalf of its customers. The HiFX group of companies in the United Kingdom comprises of

Ø      HiFX Plc.

Ø      HiFX Financial Services Ltd.

Ø      HiFX Insurance Services Ltd.

HiFX helps its clients with two types of foreign exchange dealings

  • Corporate foreign exchange dealings
  • Personal foreign exchange dealings

Under corporate foreign exchange HiFX has the following branches, namely –

Ø     Foreign exchange dealing: dealers keep you updates with all market movements and ensure that all deals are done at the best exchange rates. This comes with excellent online facility

Ø     International payments online: international online payments is free with minimum amount very low and transaction history easily accessible 24/7

Ø     FX advisory service : with an experience of 100 years, Hifx ensures excellent advice and customer care for the clients for their best gains

Ø     FX Structured products: the FX structured product market is growing at a high rate. The advisory service of HiFX is the best to advice you in such money matters.

Ø     Money markets: with HiFX money market you are guaranteed with best services, complete security and maximum gains.

For personal foreign exchange HiFX provides the following benefits-

è    Overseas property: HiFX helps you while buying property abroad

è    Emigration: HiFX provides you with maximum cash when settling abroad

è    One-off transfers : HiFX provides best exchange rates for transferring one-off property abroad

è    Regular transfers: HiFX helps in organizing regular money transfers for mortgages or loans.

è    Overseas property insurance: at unto 40% discount, HiFX provides insurance for property in foreign lands

è    Travel money online: HiFX also provides travel money at unmatched exchange rates.

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