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Halo financial is one of the most reputed foreign exchange specialists in the market. They are famous for giving unmatched value and expertise in the field of currency services. Halo financial is often interviewed by financial television channels like CNBC and Bloomberg. They deal with the currency requirements of both private clients and business clients. Halo financial is the most cost effective replacement to banks and when it comes to transferring currency, it is a safer and more profitable option.

The advantage of having Halo financial as your financial guide are :-

o   Exchange rates are unparalleled in market: On a direct price check using Halo Financial could help you save up to 4% compared to using you Bank!

o   A single point of contact: in an age of call centers, it is a refreshing change to know that you can rely on your own currency dealer to provide you with a personal, friendly and trusting service.

o   No extra commission charges: contrary to most banks all Halo Financial transfers are commission free!

o   Fast onward payments: we will transfer funds by priority electronic payment which ensures most transfers are credited the very same day!

o   unmatched service to get the maximum benefit from all your currency transactions and that too hassle-free.

o   Regular currency updates on weekly or daily subscription to stay updated!

o   24 hour monitoring of exchange rates providing the opportunity to buy or sell currency throughout the day.

o   Appropriate risk management strategies to improve your currency transaction

o    Proactive account management with relevant market news: you wil stay regularly updated of any currency movements.

For private and business clients, halo financial offers services like

Ø  Spot contract

Ø  Forward contracts

Ø  Currency transfers

Ø  Automated currency orders

Ø  Customer benefits

Ø  Free Foreign exchange consultation

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