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TorFX is one of the UK’s leading currency broker services. The company has been instrumental in providing people with foreign exchange money saving services. The company aims at offering services which are friendly in nature, with expert guidance from financial experts and incredible rates of exchange. TorFX provides a number of services along with advantages which are beneficial to its customers.

TorFX is one of the best money saving services at present. While banks too provide such services, they generally are accompanied with hassles such as lack of individual service, poor rates of exchange. TorFX provides wholesale rates of exchange on transactions which are over 5000 pounds which saves the client 1900 pounds on every single transaction. TorFX can definitely fix the rates of exchange for a period of up to two years. The customer has the capability to negotiate the price and stick to the budget while not thinking about the fluctuations in the rates of exchange. The company is reputed for providing preferential rates of exchange to its customers. The customer can make most out of the exchange rates with the help of stop orders, limit orders and forward contracts. Better rates can also be secured from the services offered like free market analysis. Moreover no commissions are required for the services which are offered by TorFX.

The customers need not worry about the safety of their funds as they are protected by HM Revenue and Customs. The client segregated accounts are used to protect the funds of the customers, thus making it an overall safe and secure service. Personal managers are allocated for each of the clients who guide them through the process of foreign currency transaction. The clients receive fax, emails and messages which inform them about the latest market news, thus making the whole process informative as well as satisfactory.

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