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If you are considering letting your property in Portugal then check your calculations first, Although there is an increase in demand for tourist accommodation you need to consider if your rental income will cover all the costs associated with a property, such as mortgage, maintenance and management agent fees. Because of this, the best advice is to not buy if the rental income has to cover all of your costs.

Marketing your property

Decide how much money you want to make from your letting, and then decide on an advertising budget.

If you are looking to earn between £5,000 and £20,000 per year you will probably only need to spend between £100 and £500 marketing your property.

Word of mouth is the cheapest form of advertising so be sure to tell your friends, family and colleagues about your property.

Produce a simple brochure or flyer with some photos that you can put up at work, in the newsagents, in the gym or hand to interested people.

Use the Internet to market your property. Internet listing sites are now the main method by which owners advertise their property to holidaymakers.

Consider advertising in magazines – especially if your property appeals to a niche market such as golfers, skiers, families with young children or pet owners.

If you want to create your own brand or the impression of an established business, consider investing in your own website, otherwise an advert on a listing site will probably suffice. Ask holidaylettings.co.uk for more details on getting a personal website.

Encourage repeat business. Keep in touch with guests after their stay and let them know about any improvements you make or late deals offered.

Also if you are getting paid in a different currency such as sterling then get a quote using our free currency transfers form and see how much we can improve your currency rate when sending money to Portugal or overseas.

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